Ecological methods


We are a genuinely ecological choice: our trucks, as well as many of our smaller vehicles run on biogas on domestic and international jobs. We do have a few diesel cars which run on renewable diesel. As our business grows, we will move towards our goal of 100% biogas and electricity. As we drive for hundreds of thousands of kilometres all across Europe the impact on the environment, or lack there-of, accumulates. We always fill our cargo space to its absolute safety limit so as to not transport air, so to speak.


Cargo is always packed and protected with blankets and other reusable materials. We only use recycled items in the office. Cleaning is done solely with ecological detergents. Our whole operation is guided by principles that enable sustainability.


Your satisfaction is paramount

Right next to our ecological principles is your satisfaction. Our client specific services are designed to meet every wish you might have, concerning your transport or moving.


Full service moving

From packing, through cleaning and customs processing, to moving lift we offer everything your moving might require. Whatever you may need, please, do not hesitate to ask! Before starting our business, we organized festivals, which resulted in a certain thirst for challenges; we’ve not seen it all, but we’ve seen a lot!


From words to actions

KunnonMuutto isn’t only about pretty words. They reflect our actions in the office, as well as on free time. We confront our leaders to address problems we notice, such as the mixture obligation, which is an obligation to mix biofuel with fossil fuel. A topic, our manager, Teemu Taurula discussed with Maria Ohisalo, the sitting Minister of the interior of Finland.


We employ without prejudice

As much as it should be obvious, we always give an opportunity to any applicants for specific tasks without considering their age, sex or gender, or other irrelevant factors.

The quality of service is guaranteed by trust in our employees

We know our employees personally, because we interview and train them ourselves, instead of hiring temporary staff. We trust each member of our team enabling the confidence to offer you the best possible service. Change in staff is and has been minimal, as most of our movers have been with us since day one. We, the owners, also go on jobs repeatedly.



Organizational hierarchy is minimal

KunnonMuutto is a workplace where it is difficult to distinguish the employer from the employee. When ordering from us you can rest assured, that the salaries are evenly distributed instead of the employer reaping the benefit at the expense of the employee. Our employees may observe from their payroll when “business is good”, and meanwhile, the weight on the environment is lightened as we occupy space from the competing, less ecological businesses.


We recycle your furniture

All too often, in this line of work, you come across a situation wherein furniture of decent condition is dumped by the request of the client. We can’t save each closet or sofa, but we strive to prolong the lifespan of as many as we can with the recycle service of ours called KunnonKierrätys, which can be found and joined in Facebook.


A young business stays modern and vivid

We aren’t set in our ways! We conform with the everchanging way of the world, just as with the various needs of our clients. Our team is always looking into new ways to improve our mode of operation – we want our service to improve by the day! We always make use of the latest available technology and we are always prepared to change to ever more sustainable alternatives. Our company’s oldest holder, 26 years of age, along with his peers and their youthful fervour, are determined to make a lasting change on the moving and transport industry. We are committed to the improvement of our business from an economical, as well as an ecological aspect.

We are demanding when considering cooperating with other businesses

We do not cooperate with dubious, or environmentally reckless businesses. In both domestic and international moves we have been careful to only select trustworthy partner businesses. We are in constant search of suitable partners as we conquer our way forward, to a greener future! 




A testament to Swedish engineering, our proud Flagship rides effortlessly on the ever-growing waves of ecological transportation. The insatiable biogas driven giant eats sofas for breakfast, and whole apartments for dinner; a hunger best explained by its Viking-origins.




Second in its volume, but certainly not in condition, Valtteri began its service in January 2019. What it lacks in novelty, it makes up in cost-effectiveness, though, as it was bought and repaired for a fraction of its already proven value to KunnonMuutto. Valtteri rides its way well through to the end of 2020, where it will begin its new life as a mobile sauna. It consumes solely Neste’s MY diesel




Holy Mosses what a champion our first bio-driven vehicle turned out to be! Its track record of European kilometres is astounding, with over 70 thousand and counting since as early as September 2019. Reasonably reliable, the highly driveable 1.8 is heavily endorsed by the KunnonMuutto crew. Cleaner and meaner, by Daimler.



For being a former florist’s mule, it’s definitely not a looker. This modest vehicle serves mainly in beer distribution across Helsinki. Consumes Neste MY diesel. For sale!



Not getting the attention it needs, our smallest vehicle is used on some smaller delivery and distribution jobs which it performs admirably. This biogas-consuming postman’s best friend is also up for sale, as it is not in heavy use at KunnonMuutto. The mileage is as cute as the Caddy itself.